The Lānaʻi Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of Lānaʻi’s businesses and its community. The goal of the Lānaʻi Chamber of Commerce is to help create an environment that promotes business while preserving the culture, values, resources, and uniqueness of Lānaʻi.

A community event, 5th Fridays purpose is to increase foot traffic for local business, highlight local entertainment, showcasing local art and food and introducing visitors to the beauty and easy pace of our island.

Due to the island size and limited retail space, it is important for the Chamber to consider how to generate more foot traffic to our businesses capturing outside dollars to maintain those businesses which are outside of the hotel industry. These businesses are essential for residents as they help in creating an additional income for individuals and families, which in turn, allows them to support our small businesses. Helping to capture and keep dollars on Lānaʻi longer will also help in strengthening our economic base.

The Lānaʻi Chamber of Commerce’s main objective is to promote business and community growth and development by designing economic programs to strengthen and expand the income potential of all businesses on Lānaʻi; encouraging programs of a civic, social and cultural nature which are designed to increase the functional and aesthetic values of the community; and discovering and correcting abuses that prevent the promotion of business expansion and community growth.

Our most notable program is our Lānaʻi 5th Fridays which is part of the Maui County Town Parties. This community event’s purpose is to increase foot traffic for local business, highlight local entertainment, with an emphasis on showcasing art, food, and introducing visitors to the beauty and easy pace of our island.

We have hosted many successful “5th Fridays” events. This event invites families, community members, and tourists to visit Lānaʻi City and bring sales and attention to the local, brick-and-mortar businesses. The event features food and retail booths, entertainment, and activities for the entire family to enjoy. Other local small businesses and non-profits also participate and are able to bring attention to their causes, such a school groups seeking to raise funds to their events.

We also see a need for new small business ventures. There is always a niche that someone or a small business can fill – a service to provide or a product to produce that will fit the needs of other businesses and/or individuals. We want to be that driving force that helps to create new small businesses and help them succeed in our economy. As businesses thrive, they create more job opportunities and provide more services and activities for the residents.

Please consider joining the Chamber and contact us with any questions.



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